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Name Change Step by Step Guide provided by CIPC

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11. 11 of 11 v 0.1 Example of confirmation of name change certificate

3. 3 of 11 v 0.1 Step 3 : Click on Transact on the CIPC E - Services home page. Step 4 : Cli c k on Name Change .

9. 9 of 11 v 0.1 Step 13: Enter each pin as received. You can click on Re - send OTP if you did not receive the OTP (provided that the director’s email is correct as indicated on the screen). Click on Verify.

10. 10 of 11 v 0.1 Step 1 4 : Once all One Time Pins have been verified and a green mark is displayed, click on Continue. Step 15: Process Complete! Company name is amended and the relevant confirmation certificate is dispatched automatically to the email address as indicated on t he screen below . No documents are required by CIPC. As per Companies Act 71 of 2008, c ompanies must retain records of resolutions for submission if requested.

2. 2 of 11 v 0.1 Step 2: Click on Login. Step 2: Click on Login.

4. 4 of 11 v 0.1 Step 4: Click on New Application. If you are not able to finalise the process, you can click on finalise application at a later stage to complete the process. Step 5 : Enter the company registration number for which a name change is required. Click on Validate.

8. 8 of 11 v 0.1 Step 11: A text message will display, confirming that a Special resolution has been passed as per section 65(11)(a) of the Companies Act 71 of 2008. Please note the Disclaimer: By clicking on agree the company confirms that all requirements i.t.o. the Companies Act, 2008 were met and CIPC is indemnified from any responsibility. Companies must retain records of resolutions for submission if requested. Tick to confirm and click on Agree. Step 12: An One Time Pin (OTP) is sent to ALL active directors for confirmation. Each director will receive a unique OTP.

6. 6 of 11 v 0.1 Step 7 : The cost for the name change, as well as total funds available in customer account and Amount Due will be reflected . Click on Continue. Step 8 : Enter the reference number of approved and valid name reservation (COR9.4) . If the reservation number does not exist, does not relate to an approved name reservation, has been reserved or used with a different customer code, an Error message will display. Type a valid name reservation number and click on Verify.

5. 5 of 11 v 0.1 Step 6: Company status will reflect. Only active companies’ names can be amended. Type t he ID number of the first listed director, tick the circle to confirm that the details belongs to the Enterprise that you want a name change for. and click on Continue .

7. 7 of 11 v 0.1 Step 9 : V erification of name reservation is done and a message will appear, confirming the name change from one company to another. If correct, click on Continue . Step 10: Click on the icon of a calendar and select the date on which the special resolution by shareholders to change the company name was passed. Click on Continue. Please note : T he Companies Act requirements with regards to special resolutions , as well as the necessity for companies to retain their own records of resolutions should it be requested.

1. 1 of 11 v 0.1 STEP BY STEP GUIDE: HOW TO CHANGE THE NAME OF A COMPANY VIA E - SERVICES Kindly ensure that you use one of the following browsers when transacting via CIPC e - Services, namely:  Google Chrome  Mozilla Firefox 20+  Safari 6+  Microsoft Edge * Please note that Internet Explorer is not supported. In order to use this step by step guide, you should have registered a customer code and adequate credit in your customer code (if name change is from one company name to another. Name change from company registration nu mber to a name is free of charge . )  To be able to change the name, the first step will be to reserve the new name for your company.  Consult the step by step guide on Name Reservation for assistance in reserving a name.  Consult the step by step guide for Cus tomer Registration for assistance in registering a customer code.  Consult the Contact Us on the home page for the CIPC banking details. PROCESS FOR AUTOMATED NAME CHANGE Step 1: Visit the CIPC website , and click on On - line transacting and then on E - Services .


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