Small Business is Everyone’s Business: Unlocking the Value of SA’s SME Sector

2016 Board elected

SASMEF Communications

 Sep 8, 2015

Founded in 2012, the South African Small and Medium Enterprises Federation (SASMEF) is a national private social enterprise that unlocks resources from the political and economic centers as a catalyst for the creation and development of sustainable SME’s.

Following the recent annual general meeting, a new board has been elected with the mandate to further strengthen and develop the Federation as well as build on the existing relationships with the key stakeholders in the SME arena. Newly elected President, Dr Ruben Richards (Ruben Richards Foundation), is joined by fellow office bearers Lydia Zingoni of Teen Entrepreneur as Deputy President, Dave Romero of Caban Investments as Treasurer, Pierre Fabe of EASIbility as Secretary with Carl Lotter (Africa Strategy Group) remaining in the role of CEO. Joining the office bearers as directors is Luther Diedericks of SA Business Hub, Lynn Maggott of Sabri, Raeez Rayner from MEDF, Chris Schereka from Little Biz Hub Group, and Dylan James of Siempre Media.

Small businesses create more than 50 percent of all employment opportunities in South Africa, while contributing more than 45 percent of the country’s GDP. Small business is also the main driver of job creation. The National Development Plan envisages that by 2030 90% of new employment will be generated by the SME sector. But for this to become a reality there is much work to be done to ensure that there is a conducive business environment. Issues such as late payment of SME’s by both big business and government, excessive red tape and a general lack of mentorship for small business owners are key matters which need to be dealt with as a matter of urgency.

SASMEF remains committed to being the voice of small business in South Africa as we work together to unlock the true value of South Africa’s SME sector.


Contact: Carl Lotter
Mobile: +27 72 881 790