SASMEF Heritage Day Message

We in South Africa enjoy a rich and diverse heritage.

SASMEF Communications

Sep 24, 2015

Dear SME Supporters, Friends and Colleagues.

We in South Africa enjoy a rich and diverse heritage. It comes to us as a living legacy from the past to which we in turn will add, subtract, multiply and divide according the tangible and non-tangible resources at our communal disposal. We are stewards of this legacy and in time we shall hand the baton of stewardship on to our descendants.

But it did not fall from heaven. It was made, created, refined and tested using products already made and by adding materials yet raw and untested.

Humankind is an entrepreneur. We engage in this to enjoy and survive; to share knowledge and keep safe. Human kinds best endeavours are those that are shared and have the capacity to grow, adapt and forge together new elements.

Even today this activity happens at all levels of society and we call it small business - the basic unit that turns the economy.

Such activity also produces a downside. It made some stronger than others. The fittest were able to dominate and acquire more that the weak. Today we have the strange phenomena that, even with all the accumulated knowledge from pastoral, agricultural, manufacturing, industrial and ICT that humankind has acquired, society reflects a huge chasm between rich and poor… we call it inequality.

We stand the at the precipice of an age that shall be known as the age of inequality.

If we do not intend to leave a heritage of inequality we need to reverse the practice of the fittest takes all.

One way to do this is to value and protect the basic economic unit of SME's, in which laboratory we learn and grow an inclusive economy. That is a legacy worth working for. One of renewed enterprise and entrepreneurship with the measurement being will be well being of people and the planet.

SME’s are the democratization of opportunity. Let those opportunities aggregate to well being. SASMEF, #CreatingOpportunities.

On behalf of SASMEF, I wish you a reflective and joyful Heritage Day.


Carl J Lotter

You can contact Carl directly via; Mobile 072 881 7900; Landline 021 850 0780.